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Embrace the warmth and love of your single-parent family with our Personalized Owl Family Arabesque Ornament. Crafted in an elegant arabesque shape, this ornament tells the story of enduring love between a parent owl and their owlets.

Laser-cut and engraved across three layers, the ornament captures the essence of family. The first layer, fashioned from pristine white MDF, features a heartwarming scene of one big owl with 1-6 baby owls, the family's last name, and the cherished year 2023. This layer encapsulates the strength and unity of your unique family bond.

Transitioning to the second layer, a captivating snowy pine forest with a moon is delicately engraved on clear acrylic. This layer adds a touch of magic, symbolizing the journey of your family under the moonlit skies.

The bottom layer, crafted from rich black MDF, creates a serene night sky, enhancing the overall visual appeal. These layers unite to create an ornament measuring 4 inches wide by 4.75 inches tall and 0.375 inches thick—a stunning addition to your holiday decor.

Topped with a charming buffalo check bow and adorned with a white bead with black snowflake design, this ornament is a visual delight. The carefully selected details infuse a rustic charm, making it a perfect accent for your festive celebrations.

For your single-parent family, this ornament is a personalized keepsake that beautifully reflects the love and unity that defines your home. The inclusion of twine makes hanging this ornament a breeze, allowing it to take pride of place on the tree or any cherished spot in the home.

Capture the spirit of family and togetherness with our Personalized Owl Family Arabesque Ornament—a heartfelt keepsake that beautifully honors the strength of single-parent families.

Single Parent Owl Family Ornament | Personalized 2023 Night Sky

  • 4 in x 4.75 in x .375 in

  • Returns are not accepted on personalized products

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