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Acrylic Pot of Gold Earrings are a charming and whimsical accessory to add a touch of enchantment to your ensemble. Measuring a delightful 1.75" in length and 1.25" in width, these earrings boast intricate laser-cut craftsmanship that captures the allure of a pot of gold.

Key Features:
-Black acrylic pot meticulously laser-cut and adorned with captivating gold glitter for a dazzling effect
-Green acrylic shamrock inlaid inside the pot, adding a festive touch and a nod to Irish charm
-Gold glitter acrylic on the top, shaped like glistening gold, creating a stunning contrast
-Attached with jump rings for fluid movement, adding an element of playfulness
-Gold hypoallergenic finding ensures comfortable and stylish wear for any occasion

Acrylic Pot of Gold Earrings | Shamrock Inlay | Hypoallergenic Gold Findings


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