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Make Christmas enchanting for your little ones with our Small Personalized Santa Cookie Tray. Crafted from acacia wood and adorned with charming antler handles, this 8" wide x 10" high x 0.75" thick tray is the perfect stage for showcasing Santa's treasured treats: cookies and milk.

Each detail is meticulously laser engraved into the acacia wood and personalized with your children's names, creating a heartwarming touch that adds a personal dimension to your festivities. Embrace the wood's innate charm, as engraving variations in tone may occur due to its natural attributes, lending an even more enchanting allure.

While the rustic appearance enhances its character, remember that this cherished piece requires careful treatment. Hand wash only and promptly dry to preserve its beauty; it's not suitable for dishwashers. Elevate the magic of Christmas with this personalized Santa cookie tray—a cherished keepsake that embodies the spirit of the season and adds a personalized touch to your family's holiday traditions.

Personalized Engraved Acacia Antler Wood Santa Cookie Tray

  • 10" x 8" x .75"


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