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Our heartfelt and beautifully crafted Personalized Pet Memorial Paw Print Angel Wing Ornament, a loving tribute to cherish the memory of your beloved furry companion. This exquisitely designed ornament features a two-layer construction that captures the essence of your pet's spirit.

The top layer is meticulously laser-cut from pristine white MDF, providing a subtle and elegant backdrop for the heartfelt engraving. The bottom layer, made of clear acrylic, is skillfully laser-engraved with intricate details of angel wings, symbolizing the eternal love and protection your pet continues to watch over you with.

Measuring 4.33 inches in width, 3.98 inches in height, and a comforting .25 inches in depth, this ornament is the perfect size to grace your tree or adorn any special place in your home. The carefully chosen materials and craftsmanship ensure this keepsake will stand the test of time, preserving the memory of your beloved pet for years to come.

Personalization is of utmost importance to us, ensuring that your pet's name is etched with precision and care. We kindly request you to double-check the spelling of the name provided to ensure it is accurate and reflects the cherished bond you shared with your furry friend.

For added charm, we have included a durable twine for hanging, elegantly adorned with two white beads on the top. This thoughtful detail adds a delicate touch to this already meaningful ornament, making it a truly unique and personal memorial piece.

Honor the memory of your dear pet with this Personalized Pet Memorial Paw Print Angel Wing Ornament, a symbol of the unconditional love that will forever remain in your heart. Display it with pride or gift it to someone who needs a reminder that their pet's spirit lives on in their heart.

Embrace the warmth and comfort this ornament brings and find solace in the everlasting bond between you and your pet. Keep their memory alive with this exquisite keepsake, lovingly designed to hold a special place in your heart.

Personalized Pet Memorial Ornament | Angel Wing | Forever Loved

  • 4.33 in x 3.98 in x .25in